Damon Industries has worked with businesses at every stage of product production, from startups to national corporations. Our company’s size allows us to offer a wide variety of packing options while maintaining some of the lowest order minimums in the industry. At Damon Industries, we are flexible, creative, and work quickly to bring our clients’ ideas to finished, market-ready products.


Packing Capabilities

If it fits our filler, we will pack it. We pack bottles as small as twelve ounces to as big as a gallon and packaging the industry-standard Bag-in-Box sizes. Our current setup allows us to fill about sixty bottles a minute. Our average turn around time from order to shipment is about two weeks.


Beverages, Concentrates, and Spirits, Oh My!

Our facility can package just about anything: juice concentrates, syrups, and cocktail mixers. We are a licensed rectifier, which means we can pack and source any spirit and bottle it on its own or as a premixed ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage.


Bag-In-Box Varieties

At Damon Industries, we have one of the broadest selection of Bag-in-Box flavors in the industry. Keeping up with the most recent, retail-marketing trends, we are quick to adapt and bring new trending flavors to the food service industry.


Extremely Low Minimums

Since the beginning, Damon Industries has operated from a specialty, craft, and small-batch mentality. Don’t get us wrong, we still love to slam out big batches, but we’ve found that one of the most significant gaps in the market comes from huge minimums. Therefore, we’ve lowered our minimums to allow more mid-range businesses the same opportunity afforded to our biggest customers.


Questions? Drop us a line! We can’t wait to hear from you.