We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Co-Packing Services

You’ve worked hard perfecting your product. Now what? How do you get your products on the shelves? Damon Industries co-packing solutions are exactly what you need. Damon Industries has been providing co-packing services for over 50+ years and has built one of the top co-packing facilities on the West Coast. The process is complicated, and many businesses simply cannot afford to bring production in-house, so they turn to us.

Our co-packing services are an efficient and cost-effective solution for bringing your products to market. Over the years, we have developed long-term relationships with all of our source suppliers, enabling us to get the best materials like: bottles, label printing, and large volume ingredients for an affordable price. Not only do we make the stuff, but we also make sure it meets FDA standards. It can be a long and challenging process bringing a product to market, but we strive to make it as easy as possible for our clients.

Private Label

Whether you already have a brand or are starting from scratch, we can help. We have an excellent network of talented graphic designers that we can refer you to so that you can get started designing your brand.

Our relationships do not only extend to our clients. We’ve formed a close relationship with the company that handles our label printing. Our labels can be printed digitally or with plates, allowing for significant flexibility on the degree of quality and design.

Co-packing private label