What we do

If it’s a liquid, we can make it. Our facility can formulate and package any spirit, juice concentrate, syrup, or cocktail mixer. Over the years, we have formulated more than a thousand different products for our clients. We can even create custom recipes for you, getting your unique brand bottled and into the market—quickly and to your exact specifications.

Who we are

We were born into this business! As a third-generation family operation, we have over 50 years of experience creating and packaging unique beverages.

At Damon Industries, our core values are integrity, gratitude, fun, and family. Everything we do is an extension of these ideals.

Why us

We can source any alcohol to create any beverage and can make products taste exactly how you want—consistently. From recipe formulation, to labeling and packing, to handling TTB compliance, we work from start to finish to get your product on the market with the lowest minimum order sizes. And as a family-owned business, we can get things done quickly without the bureaucracy of a large corporation.

What sets Damon Industries apart?

  • We don’t charge for formulization
  • We offer the lowest minimum order sizes in the industry
  • Our turnaround times are fast
  • We’re family owned and operated, so you don’t have to deal with corporate red tape

A team of talented beverage experts


Josh Damon

Co – Owner

A seventh generation Nevadan, born and raised in Reno and working for Damon Industries since he was twelve, Josh was born into this business. He has vast experience in the lab and has helped shape product development for years. Josh is the “eyes” of Damon Industries, the visionary leading the company into a bright future. 

On the personal side, Josh is married to Mindy and has two children—Paige and Isaac. He enjoys the Northern Nevada lifestyle, snowboarding, camping, and mountain biking in his spare time. Josh is also a drummer, and has seen 56 Phish shows!

Tiffany English

Co – Owner

The “baby” of the family, Tiffany is the “heart” of Damon Industries, bringing passion to the company, especially in creating and designing The Happiest Hour. 

Tiffany is married to Jim and mother to Indy. Prior to finding her passion at Damon, she owned a vintage clothing store called Rock, Paper, Vintage on the East Coast. She is also fluent in Spanish (although she challenges the notion that anyone can be truly fluent in a language).

Aaron Damon

Co – Owner

As the oldest of the three, Aaron has been working in the business the longest. His siblings consider him to be the “brains” of Damon Industries, handling the operations and bringing his wealth of organizational experience to the company. 

Aaron is the father of two sons, Ethan and Ben, and enjoys snowboarding in the Sierras. He is also rumored to be a Marvel expert.

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